Recommended Apartments in Vienna

White Penthouse
4 Bedrooms

White Penthouse Apartment in Vienna

Get a taste of the city’s famous coffee culture, then share a sweet treat on the private terrace of this luxurious retreat, surrounded by picturesque rooftops. Curl up on the cozy, modern sectional before taking a stroll through the tranquil Resselpark.

Historic Otto
2 Bedrooms

Historistic Otto Apartment in Vienna

Experience Vienna as it was at the dawn of the 20th century. A time when it was the hub of international culture and science! Live in an Otto Wagner Palais right between the famous Parliament and the majestic Town Hall. Your stay will be elegant

State Opera
2 Bedrooms

Live in the same building where Mozart’s The Magic Flute was premiered over 200 years ago. Today, this bright apartment still hits the right notes, with its centerpiece chandeliers, high ceilings, hardwood floors, and welcoming open-concept design

Design District
1 Bedroom

Lie back in a chaise longue by a window where light pours in and nourishes a large potted plant. A homey feel is created by colorful photography, neutral decor, and an elegantly arched ceiling. Grab a breath of fresh air at a patio bistro table.